The Way of the Crow: Real Spirituality for Real Life

How do we live a deeply spiritual life in the trenches of day-to-day existence? How do we navigate the ups and downs of our life without getting frazzled, frustrated, depressed and defeated? What does it mean to be alive? Deeply alive?

The Way of the Crow is the much awaited follow up to Harshada’s LOVE in ACTION Course. The course is really about living your spirituality. The Way of the Crow is about finding spiritual fulfillment and lasting transformation in the ups and downs of daily life. Whatever you’re up to in your life- however busy you are, however dark of a place, however bright of a passage you are in- this course can be a source of deep support for …your process. In the course Harshada shares his own process through stories and insights, he shares teachings from the wisdom traditions of the world in a non-dogmatic way and never fails to drive the teachings home. His teachings ask:

How happy are you? Do you really feel like your life is moving forward?

How are you waking up right now?

Are you as free as you can be?

What is blocking your heart these days? When do you feel most alive?

What is the gift that you are meant to give to your world?

The lessons examine the path to deep authentic spirituality and the tremendous courage and commitment it takes to overcome our smallness and stand in our true power. We will explore the “shaman’s journey” to awakening and learn to cultivate virtues and qualities like fearlessness, compassion, and steadiness, and learn how to work with inner enemies like shame, self-hatred and fear. Harshada will invite us to hold these inquires up to our day-to-day experience of being alive.

Our course lasts for 4 months. Harshada’s written lessons arrive in your inbox every week. In addition, there is a private online group for discussion, and live video webcasts each month with Harshada. Some groups of students are forming study groups and meditating together and discussing the lessons. The lessons are written in Harshada’s no-nonsense, deep impact style and include guidance for your home meditation practice every week.

This Spring’s Crow Course will be a 2nd Edition of the course offered in the Fall of 2011. If you missed it the first time, here’s your chance. If you did the course then, you’ll love doing it now. Harshada is re-editing each lesson and will be adding new insights and distinctions.

Tuition: (via
$245 paid upfront
$280 paid in two installments of $140

Tuition is based on a live-class model. Each lesson is meant to be like a class that provides support and an inner shift that lasts the whole week. Our tuition fixes the per-class rate at about $15 per week. (Most simple yoga classes are between $15-$25)

Last semester The LOVE in ACTION Course was a huge success, we are expecting the same with the Way of the Crow. Feel free to pass this along to friends who can benefit. Or people who live near you that you would like to have a study group with.

Duration: 4 months, 16 lessons

Start Date: April 29

Tuition Options

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