Don’t let your mind cock-block your heart

As you move toward living from the stance of Love, you will learn to live more from your heart and less from your mind. If you think of it in a super basic way, the Mind is a protective mechanism. It has an intrinsic drive to make the unknown known. Read that sentence again. The mind is uncomfortable with the unknown. When something is a mystery, the mind automatically goes about trying to solve the mystery. This is great when we are lost in the woods. Not so great when we are trying to lose ourselves in the beauty of the forest. This function of the mind is great when we are trying to clean out our refrigerator and determine what is edible and what needs to be thrown away. But this same mechanism can ruin the enjoyment of a wonderful meal that we have never had before.

Now forgive me: I am going to use a vulgar American term that I first need to explain. The term is cock-blocker. Cock is a vulgar term for the male organ. The term cock blocker comes from adolescent male culture. Imagine you meet a sexy person at a party. You start talking, getting closer, there is definite chemistry. It seems like things are about to get physical. Then just when it’s all about to happen,  your annoying friend comes up and starts talking to you.

“Hey guys! What’s up??”

You try to brush them off or give them a signal to go away but they don’t get the hint.

“What are you guys talking about??”

They hang around and don’t go away. The moment is ruined. The connection with this sexy someone is ruined. This friend is what young men would call a “cock blocker”.

The mind is the cock-blocker to the heart

This teaching first arose in India after one of our amazing retreats there. People had spent several days in the Indian countryside having their minds blown by the mystical experiences they were having and their hearts were melted wide open. We were on our way back to Mumbai and the end of the retreat was near. I could see the students start to analyze what they were experiencing and starting to predict how hard it would be when they returned home.  I heard myself say to the group: “Don’t let your mind cock block your heart.”

The mind does not want there to be any mystery. In particular, the mind is especially uncomfortable with the Great Mystery. It doesn’t mean harm. It’s like our goofy friend. It just wants to be included. The problem is that it’s inclusion ruins what is happening. This is especially true when we are connecting to Spirit. We don’t need to make the mind out enemy. We just need to be aware of this cock-blocking potential and be vigilant so that we can completely be with our Beloved when we have the chance.

The Mystery is one of my favorite words for God. Along with The Friend, the Beloved, and Russell the Love Muscle, the Mystery is a perfect name for God because is a great reminder about the way to approach spirit. As we move along this path of Love, you will learn how to use your heart as the primary experiencer of life, not explaining, not defining, just drinking it all in. The mind then will be there as needed to keep you safe (actually safe from actual danger), but the primary experience of your life, your loves, your day-today miracles and Mysteries will be taken in by the heart.

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