A Sufi Song of Love for You Today

There is a famous qawwali- a Sufi devotional song- that I have always loved. It is almost surely written to the master. It could also be written to a lover. When I read it, I also see how it could be an ode to the student. We had a wonderful weekend at Kripalu for our Radical Happiness weekend last weekend. I was remembering all the great people there and thinking about how much I love the people who come to study with me. So I offer this song to them (to you).

Whether it is to the Lover, or the Guru, or to the student, it is a song of intense devotion and gratitude. When someone aids you in meeting the Lord, there is such tremendous love. The most cherished relationships are those that help us to meet the deepest Truth. When there is such a love, we just want to dance, die at their feet, never leave their presence and praise them all the time.

I used to sing this song to the Guru. Now I sing it to my own beloved students. In their presence, in the company of their sincerity and dedication, as a witness to their brave efforts, I experience an Ocean of Grace, the Kingdom of God.

For you, whom would this be directed toward? Leave comments please

Anyway, have a look- I will also post a link to the video of my friend Mukhtiyar Ali singing it so you can see the emotion and devotion of the song. Hindi-Urdu speakers, please offer alternative translations.

Love to all….Harshada

Nit Khair Manga Sohniya Mein Teri

I pray for your welfare my love

nit khair manga sohniya mein teri dua na koi hor mangdi

tere pairanch akheer hove meri dua na koi hor mangdi

I pray for your welfare my love, I pray for nothing else!

Let me die at your feet, I pray for nothing else!

tere gham lag jawan menu, tera val vinga na hove

nit khair manga sohniya mein teri dua na koi hor mangdi

Let me carry the burden of your grief and may God keep you from harm

I pray for your welfare my love, I pray for nothing else!

tere pyar ditta jadoon da sahara ve, menu bhul gaya mahiya jag sara ve

khushi eho menu sajna batheri dua na koi aur mangdi

Since I found the support of your love, I’ve forgotten the whole world!

Now my happiness knows no bounds- I pray for nothing else!

tu milya te mil gayi khudai ve, hath jor akhan payi na judai ve

mar jawaan gi je akh mei to teri dua na koi hor mangdi

In you, I got the Kingdom of God. I beg with folded hands don’t leave me!

If you turn your eyes away from mine, I’ll die. I pray for nothing else!

Click here to watch Muktiyar Ali Singing the Qawwali

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  1. Amol says:

    Beautiful ! Kya Baat Hai ! What to say . . . . Devotion is a jewel which cannot be compared. In Devotion the material world becomes dust. A new & divine masti (ecstacy) flows — the only thing which gives human life its meaning,crosses all boundaries,dissolves all differences& manifests God. One drop of True Love – that is enough – everything is Kurban (sacrificed) on that, everything can be risked for one moment of devotion. Oh, this Bhakti, it knows no bounds, it is mad, Deewani !

  2. Jennifer says:

    Thank you, Harshada. I feel honored to have been one of your students at Kripalu last weekend, and I honor you in return. Your meditations turned a key on a lock inside me. I am grateful to everyone who was part of our collaboration in that amazing place.

  3. Jackie Rose says:

    What a beautiful song :)

    I thought of my Nana and a guy I met on a bus last year. Nana helps me see God in her questions, her uncertainty and willingness to admit that as she nears the twilight of her life. The guy I met on a bus let me express my uncertainty and trepidation surrounding the word ‘God’. What I remember most is him telling me that God is Love, and to turn that around to say Love is God. He encouraged me to play with those words and it helped open me up to Love, to God.

    Then there’s you Harshada. I send this song back to you with love!

    Jackie Rose

  4. Mia says:

    I feel so honoured you sing this to people like me. Right back at you Harshada. Really looking forward to your new LOVE course on Monday! Can’t wait!


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